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The Lost Son

By Eric Leclere — Published 1999

Paperback: 19.8cm x 12.9cm — 438 pages — ISBN: 9780953556205

‘Here we go again,’ said Deborah De Moraes; ‘Simplify and damn.’

‘Don’t you believe in simplicity,’ asked Lombard.  

‘Should I?’

‘We all have to like what we become, Mrs. De Moraes. Cowards included. We achieve this by complicating things a little. But it’s never that complicated really,’ replied Lombard.  


London. Leonard Spitz is thirty years old and missing. Mrs. Spitz is a worried mother, Mr. Spitz a resigned father, and their daughter Deborah as proud as her looks and as cold as the family’s money. All reckon the missing man has succumbed to his fondness for drugs again. Only, Xavier Lombard finds out that before vanishing Leonard had got involved with people who get up in the morning to peddle children for a living.

Meanwhile, Bill the pet shop owner gets himself a puppy for company, Perkins the butcher-landlord has to raise his rent, and three bored Los Angeles teenage girls kill time in a children’s playground. And on Hampstead Heath, a little man with a cell-phone and a pony-tail finds life really hard trying to shoot a movie scene...

They made a MOVIE of this novel — Here is a REVIEW of the movie; and another.

Here is the SECOND DRAFT SCREENPLAY written by Eric and Margaret Leclere prior to it being "rewritten by fresh pairs of eyes".

‘This by-the-pulses thriller by a talented new writer promises a body of work that will provide a new generation of readers with maximum satisfaction.’ — ROBERT STONE, author of 'Dog Soldiers'.

‘Hard to put down ... absolutely compelling ... The novel is a hymn to lost innocence.' — JULIA PASCAL, Jewish Chronicle


‘A stylish and gripping novel ... [the film] is a total waste of a great character like Lombard ...’ — COSMO LANDESMAN, The Sunday Times


‘A first rate story of which Lombard is the unforgettable star ... A rare find ...’ — LARRY CHOLLET, New Jersey Record


‘Compelling ... filled with twists and turns which leave you begging for more.’ — CATHERINE ETOE, Camden New Journal

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